Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Quadrants

The idea of the four quadrants is a very interesting idea to help me put my priorities in line.

The basic idea goes that there are four different quadrants.  These activities are divided into importance and urgency.  Quadrant I is both urgent and important.  These are those activities that require our immediate attention.  Quadrant II contains activities that are important, but not urgent.  This contains activities such as working out or eating right.  Those are both very important activities, but they are not urgent.  Quadrant III is non-important, but urgent.  This could be something like a phone call that you suddenly receive.  Finally, Quadrant IV is both non-important and non-urgent.  This is most pleasurable activities.

The main problem most people (including myself) struggle with is letting Quadrant I or IV overtake their lives.  People who lose themselves to Quadrant I live a life of constantly on the go.  They are stressed out a lot.  People totally in Quadrant IV are often lazy, preferring to put off important activities for those that are fun.  I find myself most often staying in Quadrant I.  I put off other pleasurable things or more important, but not as urgent tasks.  The best place for me to be is in Quadrant II.  Activities in that Quadrant lead to a more fulfilled life.  Quadrant II tasks are more long-term based.  If I focus on those tasks, I will live a much happier life in the long run.

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